Happy customers!

Happy customers!

Happy customers!

Happy customers!

Happy customers! Congratulations Janie on your purchase of Buddha!

Happy customers! Noelani with her new family!!

Located in picturesque Petaluma, California, with telecommunications in the valley and vineyards on the hills, medalist rider and teacher, Gail McGuffey offers the finest in Dressage Prospects and Finished Sport Horses for sale.

On horseback from the age of 11, Gail's knowledge and judgment are an invaluable asset in matching horse to rider as well as in the training for competition or keeping in perspective the sheer joy of the ride and relationship. Private lessons in dressage and jumping are available from Gail and her experienced, professional staff.

The following is a partial listing of horses for sale through the Dressage Arena. If you are looking for something specific you don't see here, either give Gail a call at 707-481-5512 or contact her via e-mail with your specifications and she will keep an eye out for you and give you a call if something turns up.

To arrange an appointment to see horses for sale, or to discuss boarding or listing a horse with the Dressage Arena please call 707-481-5512 or e-mail at gmcguffey2@yahoo.com

  We've moved! Come visit us at our new location:

The Dressage Arena
100 Lynch Road Petaluma, CA 94954
Map and Directions
  Our Sporthorse Sales Barn has openings for quality sporthorses that need to be marketed and sold.  Need to sell your horse or horses?  Let's talk. Gail McGuffey, 707-481-5512 cell, 707-766-8574 Fax.  
Animate, Shelley Shiegel show, 2003.
Photo Credit Samantha Barbitta

New Additions:
January: Tribal (page 1), July: Sir (page 1), November: Fancy (page 1), June: Tango (page 1), 10yo Dark Bay (page 1)

Sold in 2016:

Sold in 2015:
Leo, Riley, Max, Princess, Lucky, Denali Belle

Sold in 2014:
Buddha, Dakota, Feike, Noelani, San Diego, Sir Benson, Deweys Special, Tiara, Milou, Champ, Bugatti West

Sold in 2013:
Sophie, Ricky, Diana Rose, Eli, Diva by Design, Wolke, Clifford, Deputy, Belle

Sold in 2012:
Fiona aka Mesmerized, Katrina, Shannon, Jack, Neptune, Sonny, Jewell, Roarin Ricky, Bull, Rocket

Sold in 2011:
Andante, Neptune, Olivier, Heinrich, Springfield

Sold in 2010:
Dreamer, Fendi, Dakota, Ulbe, Rhapsody, Tippy, Hazana, Phantasy, Gallant, Frederick, Pine Alley, Remington, Quill

Also Available:
Dressage Lessons, and Sporthorse Sales Services and Boarding
Part-Time Groom position available
2004 KIOTI - DK55 Turbo Charged Tractor


Big Congratulations to Leah Graves and Kingsley!  They won CHAMPION at 1st level in the JR Championships!  
Im so happy and proud of her and her team. I was lucky enough to teach her twice monthly.   Way to Go Leah!
And Team Leah, ( mom ) Molly , ( trainer )Jeanette Jacobi. !!

Recently sold:

Akron, Alex, Aly, Animate, Armani, Barney, Bandit, Bear, Ben, Bert, Bert & Ernie, Betsy, Blue, Bobbin, Bon Vivant, Braveheart, Bruce, Buck, Buckwheat, Bud, Calypso, Caliope, Campari, Charlie, Chouette Player, Cody, Cole (Cartusch), Cole, Could Be Fate, Cosmo, Daisy, Dandy, Denver, Diambe, Doc, Drifter, Duce, Duke, Espy, Finlandia, Frankley My Dear, Frisco, Gainer, Garrido, Gemini, Giacomo, Glorina, Doc Hollywood, Happy Harbor Rose, Hollywood, Hughy, Hustle Time, Image of Tim, Imp, Impeccable, Ira Hayes, Isaak, Jack, Jasper/Oliver, Jewel, Jim, Jingles, Jitterbug, Justin, Jody, Joker, Josie, Kachet, Keelie, Kidd, Lady Day, La Dee Dah, Louie, Macy, Magic, Marco, Marty, Max, Megan, Mickey, Midget, Mister, Money Maker, Mooch, Montero, Mozart, Mr. Forbes Way, Ndependence, Niersteiner, Nick, Nobility, Nordic Crown, Ojai, One O'clock Sharp, Onyx, Ooh Lah Lah, Pal, Pantani, Pavoratti, PEM Polaris, Pete, Pepe, Platinum Edition, Porter, Pursuit, Quest, Quinn, Red Run, Rex, Ricky, Risk, River, Rocky, Roy, Royal Color, Rummy, Salsa, Sam, Santa Monica B, Scout, Samba, Shaquille, Sherman, Sydney, Smoke, Sugar, Summer, Sparky, Sport, Spunky, Stormy, Thunder Dan, Tiercel, Tobe, Ted, Tex, Ulu, Rocky, Revelation, Waldo Yesireebobby, V, Voodoo, Walker, Whitney, Wiley Post, Zion

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